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We supply Celia Birtwell fabrics

Bringing in a velvet piping brings everything together, this mulled wine velvet is a great quality and is a blendworth interiors product.

This velvet is 87% cotton and has been given some durability with another blend, there are 208 colours to view on ” The new manor park design”

Take a look and you won’t be disappointed only addicted. velvet has a great quality to add to any cushion and for me a little bit of huggable luxury

Keep watching for new images each month

Published by jayneeley

I have been in the soft furnishing trade for over 25 years, it's a passion that I could never give up. I love the interaction I get with all my customers, just having the privilege to guide them through their dream. Getting the results you dream about is the magic that creates all our passions. It's so important to be individual in your design, this reflects your character & also surrounds you with your very own personal space. A love that you will cherish for a very long time. Every stitch is sewn with love and made just for you ......

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